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Post Cosmetic Surgery Self Care

Massage - Connective Integration Massage Therapy - Arlington, Texas

Follow your doctor's post operation self care instructions to the letter. If you have any questions or concerns contact your doctor for further advice. If none are given, you may choose to follow these recommendations:


  • No high sodium foods or excess alcohol intake.

  • No exercising unless released by your doctor to do so. This also includes stretching, picking up heavy objects, and fast paced walking.

  • No long distance trips or long periods of sedentary sitting unless you have clearance from your doctor. Sitting for long periods of time on a airplane or car can cause circulatory issues, blood clots or a possible hematoma. 

  • No aggressive type of massage until after you have completely healed.

  • If you have inflammation, nauseous, excess drainage, pus or bleeding and/or running a fever again consult your doctor immediately. 

  • If you have severe pain in lower extremities, a high fever and swelling please go directly to the emergency room. This could be a possible sign of a blood clot.

  • Finish all your medication and follow the directions as prescribed by your surgeon. This includes antibiotics.

  • Keep your incisions covered and clean. Use a antibiotic cream when needed. Change out your bandages several times daily cleaning the area with a gentle soap and water. For infection use hydrogen peroxide.

  • Enzyme therapy can aide in assisting the body to heal effectively. You will need to purchase high quality grade enzyme formula for tissue repair like Enzymedica Repair.

  • Hydration is important. Water with lemon aides in removal of metabolic waste. 

  • The proper compression garments will greatly reduce swelling and bumpiness after surgery. Purchase a high quality compression garment. If your compression garment leaves marks or causes hardness, it is too tight. It is recommended to go up a size. 

  • Make sure your compression garment is tight enough while using lypo-foam. When the garment is too loose it may cause the lypo-foam to rub against the skin creating skin irritations and/or possible burns.

  • To keep the elasticity of the tissues soft use light, circular massage in the surgical area. You can do this several times daily. No more than five minutes per time.

  • You may use a cotton ball to keep the shape of your belly button round after surgery. Cut a cotton ball in half then roll into a pea size shape. Then insert in the belly button and apply tap to hold it into place. Change out daily.

  • Castor oil packs are beneficial to reduce rigid, hard adhesion's and congestion in abdomen area.

  • To reduce swelling and prevent infection/inflammation you may take an Epsom salt baths. 

  • Arnica gel topically and arnica pellets internally may reduce swelling, discomfort and bruising after surgery.

  • No heat in surgical area until incisions have healed completely.

  • To ease dryness, itching and stretch marks use vitamin E oil, Shea and cocoa butter. You may use a cream to reduce scaring such as Merderma or Bio Oil.

  • A collagen supplement is beneficial for tightening the skin after surgery.

  • Colloidal silver cream and soap is beneficial for healing and reduces itchiness.

  • Washing with Shea butter and/or applying will aide in softening the surgical area while reducing infection. 

  • Wash your compression garment daily to prevent bacterial growth.


Invest in weekly sessions of lymphatic drainage and massage to reduce fluid retention, external scaring and fibrous adhesion formation. 


For Brazilian Butt Lift clients:

  • Make sure you are incorporating plenty of protein in your diet. You can purchase a high quality protein shake from Bluebonnet online or through your local health food store. Each shake has a total of 26 grams of protein. 

  • You must stay off of your bottom for a period of three weeks or more so the fat graph can take. If you do not the fat cells may die. You may purchase a donut shaped pillow to reduce pressure when lying on your back.

  • Follow your surgeon's guidelines for BBL care.


By following these simple steps it should greatly reduce complications after your surgery.


Massage therapy is not a substitution for medical treatment. The massage therapist cannot diagnose, treat or prevent disease. The therapist can only recommend products and services. Please consult your doctor, surgeon or chiropractor.

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