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Reiki is a universal life force in all things. When the electromagnetic field of the body is compromised, spiritual and emotional as well as physical aliments manifest. By balancing the aura field and chakras, Reiki can aid in reducing these types of symptoms. Thus, bringing mind, body and spirit back in harmony with the higher self.


Reiki or energy work does not belong to any religion. There is absolutely nothing "satanic about Reiki, healing touch or energy therapy. Reiki or energy working does not belong to any religious system yet deeply rooted in spiritual philosophies.


We are comprised of energy. We are part of the cosmos and the divine source. Yes, we need work on our organic vessels yet we need work on our energy as we. This is where we truly reside. Everything we do requires energy. We give off energy. We are energy. 


We of that of the divine/GOD source.


Reiki is being studied by the medical and by the scientific community for relaxation and stress reduction. Energy healing and Reiki are now embraced by the some of the medical community for comforting patients while in treatment. Some hospitals are currently creating or already have in place programs to utilize Reiki and healing touch for cancer and Alzheimer's patients.

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