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Are you seeing new clients?
Due to the increased numbers of Covid-19 in the metroplex I am not seeing new clients. Current returning clients will be seen. 
What type of massage therapy do you offer?

​I offer a holistic and therapeutic approach to massage therapy. My emphasis is in deep tissue, lymphatic drainage along with a variety of other techniques combined to benefit the client's massage needs. I perform deep connective tissue work that entails firm, concise pressure. My ideal client is one that makes regular, monthly massage appointments to reduce symptoms of chronic or acute pain. Sports injuries, fibromyalgia, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), prenatal and repetitive motion injuries are some of the issues I am trained in. I work with clients in assisting to retrain muscles, reshape scar tissue formation or adhesions. From a professional athlete to a weekend warrior, the techniques that I provide can assist anyone in their pain management goals.

Can you Diagnose me?

No, I cannot diagnose nor treat a mental health disorder, disease or medical condition. Soft tissue and the myosketal system is in my scope of practice. I can only make recommendations for massage therapy.

*If I find a possible signs of serious medical condition I will suggest you make appointment to see your doctor for further assessment and treatment. 

What is your policy?

For policy information you may go to the policy page.


What form of payment do you take?

Established clients can make payment by cash or credit. Cashiers checks, personal checks and money orders will be rejected for payment.

How do I schedule a appointment?

You may contact me at 817-966-1020 to schedule your appointment. If I do not answer the phone I am either in session or you have contacted me after hours. Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can. Sometimes I may not receive your message. Please be patient and call back.

At this time I am not booking new client appointments due to the pandemic.

Do you accept walk-in's?

Walk-in client's are not accepted due to the nature of my schedule and for security reasons. All sessions are by appointment.

Do you schedule in person consults before the massage session?


Are you licensed and insured?

I am licensed and registered with the state of Texas since October 2007. I am insured through AMTA.

Do you offer/teach CEU classes for massage therapy?
My schedule does not permit me to teach classes to the general public or to massage therapists at this time. Please contact your local CEU provider for classes.

Is your office wheel chair accessible? Do you have a table where I can get on and off with ease?

Yes, for both questions. I have a hydraulic table that I can adjust the height so you are able to maneuver on and off with ease. Please contact the office before scheduling your appointment so that I may further assist you with your special needs.


Do you take insurance?

At this time I do not take insurance. I can give you a digital receipt with a CPT code so that you may file a claim with your insurance company. You will need to have a doctor or chiropractor's release when you submit the receipt to your insurance.  I cannot guarantee you will be reimburse for your session. 

Do you offer chiropractic services? Are you a physical therapist?

No, that is out of my scope of practice.

Do you provide mental health services?

Some clients misconstrued that massage therapists are mental health care providers. We are not. Please contact a psychologist or a mental health care professional in your area for further assistance. It is out of a MT's  scope of practice to offer those services unless they hold a degree in mental health services.

Do you accept auto accident clients?

I no longer accept auto accident clients.


Do you take flexible spending account credit cards?

As long as I am able to run the card like a regular credit card the answer is yes. Check with the rules of your flexible spending account to find out if you can charge massage therapy services to your account.


Do you work with PIP or promise to pay?



Do you work on a sliding scale?



Do you offer discounts?

No discounts are offered. 

Do you offer gift certificates and massage packages?

I do not.


Do you offer Military discounts?
I do offer extra time for our military personnel to say thank you for their service. 
Are you a massage establishment or a spa? Do you have employees?

I am a independent massage therapist. My business is not a massage establishment nor is it a spa. If you seek spa services please look in the area where you reside.


When you contact me for services you will be working with me and no other therapist. If I am unable to book you I can refer you out to another massage therapist. No, I do not have employees nor contract.


Do I need doctor's release for massage?

Yes, clients under the care of a surgeon for post operative surgery and those that are under the care of a fertility doctor. Please contact the office for questions about doctor's clearance for your medical condition.


Do you perform weight loss massage?

No, you will need to contact a medi spa for those services. 


What if I am late for my massage appointment?

I schedule 30-minutes between session in cases such as these. If I have another appointment after yours, I may have to cut your session time short. You will be charged full price of the massage session. Clients that are frequently late will have those minutes docked from their visit while being charged the full price. Late arrivals will no longer have the option of rescheduling. If you are more than 15 minutes late you may take the rest of your scheduled time or you will be billed for the full session.


I want to make certain you get 100% of your session time yet I also want to honor the person that is scheduled behind you, too. I do my best to make certain everyone’s session begins on time they requested.


Please give yourself plenty of time to arrive to your appointment. 


May I come early to the appointment?

Due the pandemic, returning clients may arrive five minutes early to their appointments. Reception area is closed to the public, family members and early arrivals. 

Do I need to wear a masK?

Please wear a covering, mask, or face shield when entering the building. 


What is your policy on canceling and no shows?

Same day cancellations will be charged 50% of the session rate. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required to cancel your appointment by phone.


Clients that are ill or recovering for a cold or infection will not be seen. I will have you reschedule your appointment at a later date and the fee will be waived one time.


You are responsible to keep and remember your appointment time. If you forget your appointment and for go a no show, you will be billed 100% of the session rate. The missed session must be paid in full before you are seen again.


No shows and last minute cancellations drive up the cost of business. I cannot book someone at the last minute to take the appointment time you missed. 


Why do I need to fill out a client assessment form?

Yes, as in any medical situation, you do have to fill out a form. It is state law for medical professionals to keep client information on file. You will need to fill out your name, phone number, birth date, medical information and sign and date the release. This protects you and me. If you do not fill out the form, a massage will not take place. Some clients fear that I will contact them outside of the office setting so they do not want to fill out the form. No worries, I am not a telemarketer. You know when you need a massage. I will not contact you unless you advise me to. As a client, you are HIPAA protected.


What if I have the flu or a possible cold can I come in for a massage? 

Please do not book a massage session while you are ill or recovering. You can pass infection onto the therapist. You can book an appointment after a week when your symptoms have passed, not before. Clients that show signs of a cold or flu will be sent home without a massage. 

What parts of the body do you massage?

Areas of the body that will be massaged are face, head, scalp, neck, back, arms, hands, abdomen, gluts, thighs, calves and feet.  The breast work may be performed only if the client signs and dates a release form. At the client's request, I may perform lymphatic drainage on the breast and surrounding area for both men and women. I work on the groin muscle with stretching and trigger point therapy for both genders. The client must sign and date the release before I can work in these areas.


I do not massage the genitalia on male or female clients. Persons that request this will not be booked or will be asked to leave. If necessary, a police report will be filed. By law I am required to report solicitation to the police department.

Massage therapy is not a substitution for medical treatment. The massage therapist cannot diagnose, treat or prevent disease. The therapist can only recommend products and services. Please consult a medical physician.

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