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Please review FAQ and policy information before booking your massage session.


Accepting established, returning client appointments at this time.

All sessions are on a first come first served basis.


At my discretion I have a right to refuse service. This includes returning phone calls or texts.

Visitors, family members or anyone that does not have appointment are not permitted in the reception area. Exceptions will be made for a interpreter or a guardian.  


Clients 16 years and under shall be accompanied by parent or guardian. Parent or guardian must sign a release form and shall be on premise during the session. Parents are welcomed in the massage therapy  room. Parents of a juvenile under the age of 15 are required to remain in the massage room for the duration of the massage for communication and liability purposes.


Rates are subject to change at anytime. Appointments scheduled after 7 p.m. or on Sunday will be charged an additional $25 service fee.


Credit card/return check policy:

A $35 fee will be charged on all return checks or credit card charge backs. As of October 9, 2019 checks will not be accepted for medical spending accounts. 


Late Arrivals:

If you are more than five-minutes late, time may be docked from your session due to time restraints. If you are 15-minutes or more late, you may take the remainder of session time. You will be charged for the full amount of the session price. No rescheduling for late arrivals.


Cancellation fee:

50% of service price will be billed or charged to your credit card if you do not provide a 24-hour cancellation notice by phone.


No Show Policy:

If you forget your appointment and for-go a no show, you will be charged by credit card 100% of the session rate. This fee must be paid in full before you are seen again. 


Calls from unknown name/unknown number will not be answered for security reasons.


Draping (towel or sheet) is required.


The session consists of therapeutic, clinical massage. There is zero tolerance for any inappropriate remarks or advances. These actions will terminate the session. Dalworthington Gardens police department will be contacted and a report will be filed. 


There might be a small degree of bruising involved for modalities that require going into the superficial layers of muscles and tissues. At anytime you have any concerns, please address them. If you experience discomfort or pain during the session, please inform the me and I will adjust the technique. I will not be held liable if you do not communicate.


If you feel uncomfortable during the session and would like it to cease, please inform me and the session will stop immediately.

I provide a safe environment for my clients and guests that visit the office.  Rude, badgering, demeaning or harassing behavior will not be tolerated. Appropriate measures will be taken. Refusal of service will occur or if behavior is exhibited during the session, the session will cease immediately and full fee will be charged. 

PTSD safe zone. Please inform me if you have PTSD.


Massage therapy is not a substitution for medical treatment. The massage therapist cannot diagnose, treat or prevent disease. The therapist can only recommend products and services. Please consult a medical physician.

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