Orthopedic Massage (Medical)

This is a must for anyone that has chronic or acute pain such as carpal tunnel, knee or lower back pain. The type of massage is great for treating musculoskeletal pain, restore range of motion and prevent additional injury.

Orthopedic massage incorporates a light version of deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy and stretching. The strokes and kneading are generally faster to get circulation to the muscle spindles. The strokes are applied away from the body so that the therapist can feel the tension in the muscle.  Pressure is exerted with palm of the hand and stripping (friction) is involved. When a knot or trigger point is found the therapist applies 2 to 3 seconds of pressure simultaneously.  Thus reduces tenderness in the area affected quickly. The pulsation technique reduces severe pain. Stretching is held 2 to 3 seconds in six intervals. 

Stretching techniques are given after the session for homework and clients are encouraged to buy thera bands. The clients symptoms are reduced or alleviated in just one session.

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