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Susan Walker - MT 104431

Reiki I, II 
Lisa Umbarger


Reiki III

Ian Sadler


ULC Minister
September 2006

ATI School of Massage Dallas, Texas
Traditional Swedish massage techniques complemented by the study of alternative therapies.
2006 thru 2007

North Texas School of Swedish Massage Arlington, TX 

Emphasis on Swedish, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue therapy, prenatal and sports massage.
March 2007

Licensed by the State of Texas
October 2007

Deep Tissue Therapy & Sports Therapy Training CEU 

November 2007

Trigger Point Therapy CEU 
Massage Essentials
November 2007

Intro to Craniosacral Therapy

November 2007


Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the Body -CEU

Don Williams

December 2007

Body Wrap CEU
Cynthia Love
September 2008

Facial and Spa Treatments CEU 
Cynthia Love
October 2008

Osteo Massage CEU 
James Waslaski
March 2009

Body Wrap Class Non CEU 
Set-N-Free Body Wrap
March 2009

Medical Massage CEU 
Don Williams
March 2009

Breast Massage Studies Non CEU 
Summer 2010

Doula Studies
Summer/Fall 2010

Soma Integration CEU 
December 2010

Lymphatic Drainage CEU
Face, chest, breast, arms & legs
Don Williams
August 2011

Lymphatic Drainage CEU 
Cellulite Treatment
Don Williams
August 2011

Reflexology Certification CEU 
University of Texas at Arlington
March 2012

Massage for the Laboring Woman CEU 
December 2012

Madriella Doula Certification CEU 
January 2013


QiGong - Four day Seminar CEU 

July 2013


Multi Dimensional Healing CEU 

Cynthia Shaw

October 2013


Reiki II CEU Course

Cynthia R. Shaw

January 2014


Stretching You Client: Isometric and PNF Stretching CEU 

Karla Smith

February 2014


Reiki III 

Maury Shapu

July 2014


The Healthy Breast - Breast and Lymphatic Drainage for the Breast CEU 

Don Williams

October 2014


Dynamic Energetic & Multidimensional Healing CEU 

Cynthia Shaw

March 2015


Full Body Lymphatic Drainage CEU Course W/Breast Massage (Refresher Course)

Don Williams



Fijian Massage CEU



Burn Scar Massage Therapist Certification

Handle With Care

April 2016

Wounded Warrior's Weekend

PTSD, TBI & Seizure Certification

Margo Benge - Miracles

May 2016

Injury Specific Treatment Strategies: Frozen Shoulder CEU

Benny Vaughn

February 2017


Myofascial Release Seminar for neck, voice and swallowing disorders CEU

Walt Fritz

March 2017

Wounded Warrior's Weekend - CEU

Margo Benge - Miracles

May 2017

Eliminate Multiple Nerve Compression Pattern of the Upper Body CEU

James Waslaki

November 2017

Low back Pain and the Muscles Involved

David Armentano

February 2018

Dynamic Energetic & Multidimensional Healing CEU 

Reiki Master Teacher Certification

Cynthia Shaw

March 2018

Complete Decongestive Therapy Certification Program for Lymphedema

Norton School of Lymphatics

June 2018 - Present

100 hours already implemented. Not completed as of 2021

Introduction Craniosacral Therapy 

Kim Painter PT, LMT, CST-D

Upledger Institute International

February 2019

Craniosacral Application for Conception Pregnancy and Birthing Introduction

Kim Painter PT, LMT, CST-D

Upledger Institute International

February 2019

Craniosacral Therapy I

Kim Painter PT, LMT, CST-D

Upledger Institute International 

March 2019

2 Day ACE Massage Cupping™

Randy Heaps

May 2019

2 Day MediCupping™

Randy Heaps

May 2019

Level 1 End of Life Doula

Suzanne O'Brien

June 2019

CranioSacral Therapy 2 

Moving Beyond the Dura for Assessing Acute and Chronic Conditions

Shyamala Strack OTR/L, CST-D

August 2019


May 2020

Advance Myofascial Release Seminar and CEU Course

Ruth Bucher

April 2022

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