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Gua Sha Therapy

Gua Sha has always been one of my favorite techniques to use for adhesion's, improve circulation and aide in reduction of lymphatic fluid in extremities. When used on the feet it can assist with neuropathy and bones spurs.

Gua Sha is a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) method using a flat piece of wood, metal, or stone to lightly scrap the skin to increase circulation. Gua Sha is traditionally made of horn, bone, stone or wood. There are even those that use traditional pho spoons for scraping the skin.

A newer variation of the ancient technique is revised by makers such as Graston, Hawk or generally known in mainstream medical profession as IASTM TOOLS. These newer variations of tools and their techniques have their roots in Gua Sha.

IASTM TOOLS are usually made of titanium, copper or medically grade stainless steel. They are designed in various shapes and sizes.

Both Gua Sha and IASTM TOOLS can be used for a variety of medical issues. I use both traditional and IASTM TOOLS for lymphatic drainage, nerve and circulation stimulation, skin tightening, including adhesion and scar tissue reduction. This is a great tool to use for ischemic muscles not only for athletes but the average person.

Don't let the appearance of the tools dis-way you from enjoying a session. They're cool to the touch, medically grade stainless steel, anti fungal, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Feel free to request this technique. There is no additional charge for this modality.

*You may feel a degree of nerve stimulation, soreness or Herx response after your session.

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