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© Chuckaitch | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
© Chuckaitch | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Breast Massage

Our lymph system is the garbage disposal for the body. It helps remove waste from the body. Our muscles help assist the movement of lymph with basic everyday movement. The slightest gentle vibration can activate the lymphatic system. When this vital function becomes stagnant, the tissues will become saturated with fluid, which swelling occurs. Most individuals see swelling in their upper and lower extremities such as hands, feet and ankles. 


We do not have muscles in our breast to help assist the movement of lymph.  When the breasts are heavy they can pull on the trapeze and peck muscles causing tight shoulders creating discomfort and pain. You or a massage therapist can aide the process by gently massaging the breast area. 

When lymph is stagnant breast tissue can be heavy, tender to the touch, inflamed, and/or have fibrous adhesions. These are warning signs that need to be addressed immediately with a doctor. 


For you first session, it is recommended that you receive a full body lymphatic drainage. Regular follow-up sessions are recommended for those that have a history of lymphatic issues. Beneficial for both men and women.

 The technique is recommended for pre and post cosmetic surgeries to reduce swelling of the tissues.

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