Fertility Massage Q & A

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Fertility massage may assist with:

  • Improve function of the circulatory system

  • Clear metabolic waste from muscle receptors

  • Improve lymphatic drainage

  • Reduces muscle tension

  • Reduces constipation

  • Aides in relaxation

  • Reduce scar tissue adhesion's from previous C-section or injury

  • Coccyx dysfunction

  • Stress relief

  • Energy imbalances in chakras, etheric and aura fields

All  new client sessions are by advance appointment with referral. All sessions are first come, first served basis. I do not take walk-in's nor same day appointments. 

How are your sessions different from the rest?

I offer customize sessions catered to the needs of each client. Before a session a client assessment is performed determining what type of massage is needed. There are several combinations of techniques that will be applied during your session.

Do I need a doctor's release for fertility massage?

I work with medical referrals. I highly recommend obtaining a written release for this service. 

Do you working with clients that are not under the care of a fertility specialist? Do you diagnose infertility?

Yes, I do. It is best to work with your health care provider to determine the cause of infertility. No, I do not diagnose. Diagnose is out of my scope of practice. If there are concerns I will recommend seeing your medical provider. 

How many sessions will it take before I can conceive?
Everyone is different. Each client will go through a personal health assessment to determine how many session they may need. It takes anywhere from two to twenty session or more for the average person. 


Can you guarantee I will become pregnant after a fertility massage?
Rome was not built in a day. No, I do not make guarantees of any kind promise that you will conceive. Like anything else it will take time. When conception happens it will happen in it's own time.

What is the cost of each session?

A 1- Hour is $90, a 90-minute session is $130 and a 1-hour session with a castor oil pack is $150. 

Do you offer discounts?

No, I do not.

Do you take insurance?

No, I do not. Full payment is due when services are rendered. 

Do you work with in vitro fertilization (IVF) patients?

Yes, I do. Check with your fertility specialist first to see if massage is right for you.

Do you work with Intrauterine insemination (IUI) patients?

Yes, I do. Please schedule before your procedure. You cannot have a massage session after the procedure.

Do you work with premature ovarian failure patients?

Yes, I do. 

Do you work with clients that have complications conceiving from previous cesarean(s)?

Yes, I do. 

Do you work with clients that have been diagnosed with ovarian torsion (twisted ovary)?

Yes, I do. 

"My doctor/acupuncturist recommended massage therapy."

Follow your doctors/acupuncturist recommendations on how many sessions you may need. It's important to keep on the recommended schedule your doctor recommends. 

Can you give me personal reference?

No, I cannot give you references. You are welcome to look under reviews for previous fertility clients stories. Under no circumstance am I to give you names of clients for referral. That is against HIPPA rules and regulations. Please do not ask me for them. My license is MT 104431 and I am very transparent with my training. All the information you need is located on this website. 


What do I wear for a fertility massage?

You will be draped so no extra preparation is needed. If you are uncomfortable being naked under the drape you may wear a sports bra and low cut panties to your session.


Make sure you do not wear heavy scented perfume, deodorant or lotions.


When do you recommend a fertility massage?

Some would say there is a limited window of time to receive one. The recommended time is after your menstrual cycle and before you ovulation time. Check with your fertility doctor to find out what they recommend.


I started my menstrual cycle. Can I still come in for a fertility massage?

There is no scientific proof you cannot have a massage while you are menstruating. In my opinion though it is best to wait or reschedule your session. Most women have a tendency to be sensitive to touch during their menstrual cycle.  Massage will stimulate the circulatory system creating a possible heavier than normal menstrual flow. Our menstrual cycle is our time to heal and renew our bodies allowing for rest and reflection. I recommend paying attention to your body to assess if you need one or not during your cycle.


I've been diagnosed with low egg count or low ovarian reserve. Will fertility massage help?

Fertility treatments such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) can assist with a low ovarian reserve. Massage can assist with circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, muscular and skeletal system only. That is why most doctors recommend you get several massages weeks before an IVF retrieval. Check with your doctor to find out if the drug clomid is right for you. No, I cannot help with low ovarian reserve. There are wonderful phone apps that can assist with determining your biorhythms, menstrual and ovulation cycle through the apple or android stores.

Do you help with quality of eggs?

No, I cannot.


My IVF is scheduled in a few weeks. When would be the best time to come in for a massage?

Please do not wait until the last moment to get in for a massage. It is best to perform several fertility massages before your IVF treatment weeks in advance. This helps prepare your body for the treatment.


I have painful menstrual cycles with heavy clotting. Will fertility massage help?
Yes. One of the issues that you may have is a tucked tailbone which is know as coccyx dysfunction. Coccyx dysfunction may cause heavy menstrual flow, cramping and migraines yet not limited equilibrium and nervous system issues. A tucked coccyx can put pressure on the reproductive organs tilting the uterus. Ischemic, lower lumbar muscles may cause congestion and circulatory issues. By working in these areas massage will reduce lymphatic congestion, muscle tension and increase circulation.


I think I might be pregnant. Can I schedule fertility massage?

No. A session cannot take place if you suspect pregnancy. Please schedule an appointment with your doctor to find out if you are. If you are pregnant you must be in your second or third trimester before receiving massage. First trimester clients must have a doctor's release for liability purposes.


I have been diagnosed with a retroverted or tilted uterus. Will fertility massage help?

A titled uterus could be associated with ischemic muscles, scar tissue and/or a tucked coccyx (tailbone). Along with massage, myoskeletal alignment techniques and self pelvic care at home may assist in moving the uterus back into it's original place.  


My doctor tells me I have scar tissue from a previous cesarean (C-section). Can you break up the scar tissue?

Yes, there are several techniques that I am trained in that can assist you reshape hard, fibrous adhesion's in the upper pelvic and abdomen area.


Do you recommend a castor oil pack with my session?

In cases of of severe constipation and congestion I do recommend purchasing one. By investing the additional funds you will be taught how to use the castor oil pack properly along with self massage techniques. 


Why are the castor oil packs so much? I feel I should not have to pay additional for this service.

It is your choice to decide if a castor oil pack is in your budget. A lot of time and energy goes into prepping the castor oil pack on my end so you do not have to. This includes making and heating the pack. Each castor oil session takes 30 minutes or more to administer. That excludes the massage time. You may purchase a one-hour massage with the castor oil pack for only $150. That is an exceptional rate for all the information I provide. Each castor pack may last between 10-25 applications when used properly. You will be given instructions along with your castor oil pack to take home with you. It's well worth the investment for an additional $60.


I have Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Will fertility massage help?
Massage therapy along with a change of diet and exercise may reduce symptoms of PCOS. Castor oil packs are beneficial for this condition. Speak with your doctor about your condition.


Do you recommend breast massage along with fertility massage?

Yes, it is recommended. The breast are the most neglected part of the body that does not receive essential massage. By receiving frequent breast work it may in reducing fibrous adhesion's that cause lymphatic congestion and soreness. For future reference breast massage is good for lactating mothers that are having difficulty producing milk as well.


Do you perform internal pelvic or prostate massage?
No. I perform massage above the pelvic bone. A internal pelvic or uterus massage is out of my scope of practice. Please consult your doctor for more information. You can find videos online for self pelvic or uterus massage.


Do you know why I cannot conceive? What could be causing my infertility?
There can be one or multiple factors that could be causing your infertility issues. A detailed client assessment along with your doctor's diagnose will determine if massage therapy can assist with your infertility issues. I am a massage therapist not a doctor. I cannot diagnose nor treat your condition. Speak with your doctor on the causes and medical treatment.

Here is a compiled list of one or more factors may contribute to infertility:

  • Stress yet not limited to physical, emotional or environmental

  • Constipation due to medication or poor nutrition

  • Lymphatic drainage issues

  • Hard adhesion's around mid section

  • Low back pain and general muscle tension

  • Allergies including food and environmental

  • Depression & Grief

  • Obesity

  • Low egg count

  • Quality of eggs

  • Scar tissue from previous C-section

  • Hormone imbalance including low progesterone or high estrogen levels.

  • PCOS, fibroid tumors, or endometriosis

  • Coccyx dysfunction

  • Tilted uterus

  • Poor diet and nutrition which includes one or more factors: Ingesting prepackaged, processed foods. Digesting products with soy or gluten in them. Drinking excess quantities of alcohol.

  • Lack of exercise

  • Chakra/Energy imbalance and disturbances.

  • Poor circulatory system

  • Damage caused by a IUD device.

  • Blocked Fallopian tubes.

*Contact a fertility clinic for proper diagnose and treatment.


What have you noticed that is a major contributing factor of women not being able to conceive?
It begins with listening to your body and proper nutrition. A healthy diet and exercise program will help reduce bloating, constipation, re-balance hormones and decreases stress. When you nourish the body it will do exactly as what the divine has designed it to perform. This is why I highly recommend seeing a nutritionist. 


Another factor is the stress of actual conception. When you reduce the stress in your life you'll conceive. Take care of yourself first and foremost is the key to everything.


Massage therapy is not a substitution for medical treatment. The massage therapist cannot diagnose, treat or prevent disease. The therapist can only recommend products and services. Please consult a medical physician.


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