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Cosmetic Surgery Lymphatic Drainage and Recovery Massage


Massage - Connective Integration Massage Therapy - Arlington, Texas

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy (MLD) is a gentle approach to drain lymphatic fluid after a surgical procedure for augmentation and liposuction patients. MLD reduces post surgical issues of swelling, bruising and excess fluid retention.  By applying several methods, lymphatic ports are opened to begin the draining process. Feather like strokes are then administered to move fluid and metabolic waste through the lymph channels. No deep, aggressive pressure or strokes are used during the session. Depending on your stage of healing other techniques are applied to diminished fibrous adhesion's and to relax ischemic muscles.


Recommended to start three to seven days after your procedure and for a duration of six months or more. Every session is case by case basis. Doctor's written clearance is required for this service and must be booked in advance. 

Cost: 1 Hour $90, 90 minutes $130. Optional: castor oil pack $60 with session.


Before booking your session here are some things you will need to know:


  • I work with medical or personal referral or established, returning clients. You will need to obtain a medical release if you are under six weeks post operative. The written release must be from your current doctor or your surgeon's office that performed the procedure. Possible new clients will need to contact the office to find out if I have availability to schedule their appointment. 

  • Those that have on going complications after their surgery will need to a doctor's written clearance. Complications include laser/lypo burns, negligent post operation care, incision failure, blood transfusion(s), necrosis, hematoma or any condition that you may have. 

  • You cannot be running a fever, have an infection, and/or inflammation.

  • You cannot be actively diagnosed with blot clots (phlebitis). A release is required from your doctor even after treatment of this condition.

  • You cannot be heavily medicated or under the influence of drugs. The therapist will need to have you coherent during the entire session.

  • Your drains/tubes must be removed. You cannot be bleeding or oozing fluids from incisions.

  • Incisions that are not yet healed must be covered with a gauge or band aid.

  • Due to liability and health concerns the massage therapist cannot push lymph or fluids out of liposuction drainage tubes or incisions. It is not only unsanitary but can lead to infection and blood clotting in some individuals. This places the therapist at risk for possible cross contamination or disease.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) clients may need to wait 7-14 calendar days after procedure to have a lymphatic drainage therapy. BBL clients need additional time to heal and cannot lie on back their back for extended periods of time. Side lying position will be used to work on back, gluts and leg area. You will need to bring a donut pillow to your session just in case.

  • Speak with your doctor to find out if manual lymphatic drainage would be beneficial for your type of surgery.

  • Failure to disclose medical information regarding your surgery will result in termination of future services. 

Massage therapy is not a substitution for medical treatment. The massage therapist cannot diagnose, treat or prevent disease. The therapist can only recommend products and services. Please consult a doctor, surgeon or chiropractor.


Susan Walker, LMT
Connective Integration Massage Therapy
Arlington, Texas

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