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Indications & Contraindications

Below is a list compiled of indication and contraindication for massage. Please contact the office if you have any of the contraindications listed below before you schedule your massage session. 

Massage - Connective Integration Massage Therapy - Arlington, Texas


     (Yes for Massage)

• Arthritis
• Sprain
• Strain
• Neck and Back Pain
• Muscle Spam
• Orthopedic Conditions
• Post surgical orthopedic conditions
• Rheumatic conditions
• Nerve injuries and neurological disorders
• Nervous tension / Emotional stress
• Headaches
• Trigger Points
• Radiculitis
• Joint stiffness
• Reduce Post Traumatic Edema
• Reduce Dependent Edema (varicosities, congestive heart failure)
• Arthritic and Rheumatic Conditions
• Subacute and Chronic Post Traumatic Inflammatory Conditions
• Synovitis
• Tenosynovitis
• Non-infectious bursitis
• Peripheral nerve injuries
• Insomnia
• Sciatic Nerve Pain
• Myofascial Pain
• TMJ Syndrome
• Fibromyalgia
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Depression
• 2nd and 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy

Massage - Connective Integration Massage Therapy - Arlington, Texas


                  (No for Massage)

   •Suspicion of local malignancy (avoid area)

    •Phlebitis (blood clots) or Lymphatic

    •After any type of surgery

    •Stroke (numbness left side of body) 



    •Heart Attack (severe sweating, pains in the left arm,  shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat) 

    •Acute burns or acute dermatitis

    •Suspicion of osteomyelitis or tuberculosis lesions of bone

    •Presence of intra abdominal organic disease

    •Advanced arteriosclerosis

    •Suspicion of Hematoma


    •Cancer (doctor's release required by law)

    •Areas where a malignant growth is suspected

    •Acute inflammatory process

    •Acute non-draining cellulitis

    •Acute infectious arthritis

    •Any condition with a tendency toward hemorrhage

    •Peripheral nerve injuries in which the appreciation of heat sensation has been lost or impaired

    •Certain medications which may sensitize the body to heat

    •Open skin lesions

    •Open cuts

    •Severe varicose veins

    •Severe acne

    •1st trimester of pregnancy (doctor's release required by law)

    •Hypertension/High Blood Pressure (untreated)

    •Autoimmune Diseases

    •Migraines (consult therapist before scheduling) 


    •Deep Vein Thrombosis 







    •Chicken Pox




    •Athletes foot


    •Tuberculosis (Consumption)


Massage therapy is not a substitution for medical treatment. The massage therapist cannot diagnose, treat or prevent disease. The therapist can only recommend products and services. Please consult a medical physician.

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