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To Drape or Not To Drape

Massage - Connective Integration Massage Therapy - Arlington, Texas

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Draping provides warmth and comfort to the client when he or she receives a massage. Draping can establishes boundaries yet provide non threatening environment for the client to relax. 

"What if I do not want to be draped?"


There are no draping requirements set forth by the State of Texas except for the following: "draping will be used during the session, unless otherwise agreed to by both the client and the licensee." ~Texas Department of State Health Services  Read more about state requirements...


The state does require therapists and massage establishments to provide a statement on their client intake form about draping requirements. It must be verbally communicated and mutually agreed upon by both the therapist and the client before the appointment begins.


Draping is automatically provided. I provide a sheet that will cover you or at your request I can towel drape you. 


You as, the client has the choice to be draped or not. If you chose not to be draped, you must sign a release stating as such. If you require stretching, I ask that you leave your undergarments on for hygiene purposes. Both men and women a like request to be non-draped. The massage is professional and any inappropriate behavior will terminate the session immediately.


Each therapist that you speak to will have different policies and procedures. It also has nothing to do if your therapist is professional or not. Some drape and some don't.


When making your next massage appointment, you can ask the potential therapist if they drape or not. From there you can make a informed choice.


Suzan Walker, LMT, CR, LDT
Connective Integration Massage Therapy
Arlington, Texas


Massage therapy is not a substitution for medical treatment. The massage therapist cannot diagnose, treat or prevent disease. The therapist can only recommend products and services. Please consult a medical physician.

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