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Passing off someone’s work whether it be a article or a picture by not giving proper credit is not only wrong but unethical as a professional. Instead of taking someone’s hard work make sure you ask permission to use the content and give credit to that person.

In Webster’s dictonary to “plagiarize” is to use and pass off (the ideas or writings of another) as one’s own. The person is not given credit for their work but instead the person that stole the content uses it as their own. This can lead to one of two or more options for you 1. receiving a cease and desist from the plaintiff 2. a civil law suit that could result in costing you thousands if not millions of dollars. 3. a reputation to your colleagues and others as a “plagiarist.”

I worked very hard putting my website together. I have spent hundreds of hours writing, perfecting and designing my own web site and creating its content. What I write from is personal experience, what I was taught as a massage therapist and studied in my own personal time.

When I find a fellow massage therapist or someone associated with the industry has taken my content it deeply upsets me. I have found some well known sites that have taken content from my site and have not given me credit for the writings.

My content is my own. You may not republish, distribute or use any of the content for your website without written or expressed permission of Suzan Walker, LMT. If I have given written permission, you are required to give credit to Suzan Walker, LMT. My personal massage blogs are my own and are written in my own style. You may not take any content from my blogs or my website without linking back to my site or blog. You may not copy or use any of the images on my site or blog. These images are the property of or These are royalty free images. If you decide to take these images you are doing so at your own risk. The companies listed could demand that you take their content down and could sue you for punitive damages.

Professional courtesy and common respect goes a long way. If you need assistance creating content for you website, you may contact me at 817-966-1020. I help nonprofit’s, charities and massage therapists with writing their own content and design at a reduced rate.

Thank you for respecting my work,

Suzan Walker, LMT

Connective Integration Massage Therapy

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