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Client Reviews

Google Reviews

"I was referred to Suzan by a friend and it's the best referral I've ever had. I was looking for something different when it came to massage therapy and found it here I get energy work done*Reiki*. Suzan is an excellent tool to provide such therapy. She is a great listener, even when you don't speak. I come out a new person, so relaxed and in tune with my body. She's a gifted therapist and a great person. Positive vibes all around."

Dzz Diva

July 26, 2018

"Massage therapy gets a bad reputation, but a good massage can be beyond relaxing and can be a medically healing experience. Suzan Walker is a gifted and professional therapist. She is responsive, respectful, and has been a god-send to me. I have had chronic neck pain due to cervical distonia for over 7 years; I see her monthly and my pain is greatly diminished.

I've seen Ms Walker at least once a month for the past year. She is a gifted and compassionate healer. Professional, responsive, and takes great care listening before each appt to provide the best health care experience. She provides a therapeutic and healing service. I can't recommend her more highly."

Deborah Danzeiser

June 24, 2018


"I’m so blessed that Susan was able to get me in today ! I teach fitness and yoga and sometimes my knees get fluid ! So wonderful Susan heals my knees with her educational expertise on the body mind ! She uses lymphatic drainage with massage, a caster oil wrap And myofasical therapy!"

Arlene Jones

June 18, 2018


"Suzy is a true massage therapist. Her vast knowledge of the human body, alternative healing, and the importance of pre and post-operative massage therapy is outstanding. I recently had double jaw surgery and the work Suzy did on my face made a huge difference in my healing. I also use Suzy for my regular massage needs and I can say with confidence she is the BEST. Her office is clean and calming. Suzy is very professional and attentive to the individual needs of her clients. I have referred several friends and they all agreed, it was the best massage experience they have ever had. Go see Suzy. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you."

Jody Purvis

July 2017

"An expense well worth the cost. Great massages with enduring physical therapy. It's been over a year since an appointment and I experienced a couple other masseurs/masseuses. Suzan's the best. 1) best relaxing environment 2) cleanliness & tidiness 3) influential & enduring physical therapy."

Kirsten Willis

June 2017

"Went for my first appointment yesterday and was very happy. Suzan is very friendly and professional, and followed up with me the next day to see how I was doing. The massage was great, and she focused on problem areas that I have, and even went a few minute past my time, which was appreciated. Will definitely be back soon."

Corey Wells

March 23, 2017

"Had a bad back pain, that got much better after my appointment. Overall, a very good experience."


April 2017

"Susan has help me out after having liposuction she is a wonderful massage therapist I can't thank you enough!"

Mildred Rivera

May 2017

"I had my first myofascial release appointment with Suzan last week. I had been in so much pain for the previous weeks and had gotten two massages elsewhere that provided no relief. The massage with Suzan was fantastic. She knew exactly which spots were giving me problems and the experience was very relaxing. My pain was greatly reduced immediately following my appointment and I felt even more relaxed the next day. Days later and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. I can't wait to go see Suzan again."

Jessica Wells

May 2017

"Suzan Walker has been a positive healing force in my life and in the lives of my children. Her experience and expertise has facilitated healing and health far beyond that usually facilitated by practitioners who offer such work with a purely clinical perspective. Suzan's understanding of body-mind dynamics (and the emotional/psychological correspondence) is as deeply intuitive as it is informed by her excellent education and training. I would highly recommend Suzan Walker's services as a Deep Tissue Massage therapist to anyone."

Adam Loadestone

March 17, 2017

"Suzy is a true massage therapist. Her vast knowledge of the human body, alternative healing, and the importance of pre and post-operative massage therapy is outstanding. I recently had double jaw surgery and the work Suzy did on my face made a huge difference in my healing. I also use Suzy for my regular massage needs and I can say with confidence she is the BEST. Her office is clean and calming. Suzy is very professional and attentive to the individual needs of her clients. I have referred several friends and they all agreed, it was the best massage experience they have ever had. Go see Suzy. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you."

Jody Loza

March 17, 2017

"WOW!!! Amazingly professional and an outstanding massage. I would highly recommend Suzan to anyone!"

Julia Guila

March 17, 2017

"Suzan and I have collaborated in a healing partnership since 2012. Her knowledge has helped me re-mediate excruciatingly painful and hobbling musculo-skeletal issues (ruptured Baker's cyst, torn medial ligament and extensor retinaculum tendonitis all on the same leg) and have helped restore my mobility. I am especially appreciative of Suzan's professionalism that honors and supports what I bring to the table (no pun intended) as a collaborative partner in my own health and healing. Given the pervasive passivity that is expected from the allopathic healthcare community, I am deeply appreciative that when I work with Suzan regarding my own health issues, the time I have invested in my own research and education matters. She is always happy to help me build upon that foundation of knowledge so I can make more well-informed and healthy decisions for myself."

Andi Lodestone

March 17, 2017

Facebook Reviews

"Suzan is extraordinary in what she does. She's giving, kind, knowledgeable and knows exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve the greatest amount of healing. I've placed all of my trust in her hands and have never regretted it. After each session I feel a world of difference in my energy and both physical and emotional well being."

Sanela Ficur

May 12, 2018

"I am so grateful that I found Suzan about 5 years ago! I have never looked for another and will not look for another!
knowledge, methods,techniques,professionalism, integrity and atmosphere are all the best!"

Ann Fletcher

May 8, 2018

"I’ve been getting massage therapy for over 25 years. Suzan is the best in the business. She’s very interested in her clients getting achieving successful results. Her recent inclusion of bamboo into her practice only reinforces her dedication to her profession. If you haven’t booked an appointment with her- you should! This comment is my own and I was not asked to write it."

Ken Burks

May 8, 2018

"I just had my first bamboo massage and let’s just say I’m a fan! Similar to hot stones, but different and equally wonderful. Now I’m watching Karl get his massage. I know I have recommended Suzan D Walker before, but I feel compelled to again. Suzan now treats Karl weekly for pain and swelling in his legs. She also treats me regularly and helps keep me going. I am thankful she is in our life and on this journey with us. She is truly a treasure!"

Kari Winter

February 24, 2018 

"Amazing services. Professional! Can't wait to book another session!"

Molly Kelly

March 18, 2017

"I believe if it wasn't for Suzan's fertility massage session, I would not have had my first child. 
My husband and I had been together for about 10 years at the time I came to visit Suzan, and still had no children. I had asked her if women like me ever became pregnant after these type of massages, she stated yes but may have to have more than 1 session. I was done with taking fertility meds and said this is my last hope as people I know have told me that a abdomen massage does the trick. I came in for my massage (by the way with a castro oil pack --A Castor Oil Pack is a cloth soaked in castor oil which is placed on the skin to enhance circulation and promote healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin.) in September 2014 and the following month October 2014 I found out I was pregnant. Now today I have a healthy beautiful 1 year old daughter. I feel like I owe somewhat to Suzan for my little blessing. She was very professional and made me feel comfortable. By far the best massage I have ever received. 
Her place was nice and clean, a very comfortable environment. I felt so relaxed after leaving. I highly recommend others with fertility issues to call Suzan and book for the fertility massage. You never know you could become pregnant after 1 session like me."

Jessica Daniels

May 10, 2016

"I just finished a hot stone massage and Reiki session. Suzan Walker LMT is the best! I can't say enough good things about her. She goes above and beyond!"

Kari Winter
June 2014

"You are a magician who works wonders on muscles! I would not be able to do the thing I love most in life - power lifting  without your magical healing massages! Suzan's services and knowledge are superior. I am a power lifter in the masters age group - fifty years plus. Suzan keeps my older muscles running like a well oiled machine and prevents any small injuries from becoming bigger and more serious. She truly cares about you and your health and works with you to insure you are kept in top condition for what you want to do!"

Sherri Schwan

April 2013

"My experience is that I always get more than my money's worth. I go in tight, hurting, and knowing I have been doing bad posture and abusing my body, and I leave feeling relaxed, in line, and not aching any more."
Darcy Lynx
November 2012

"This woman is the most dedicated to her profession of anyone I know. She is constantly adding tools to her healing arts. She is not just a body worker, she can heal you from so many angles you will get way more for you money with her than you ever could from a traditional massage therapist. She also has all the skills needed to do the very tough deep muscle issues. She is not to be missed. I love her work!"
Cheryl Hallum-Fraser
August 2011

Styleseat Reviews


"I got a wonderful healing massage from Suzan. Initially I was very leery because I didn't like to be undressed, but Suzan maintained such discretion that I was entirely comfortable. She loosened up so many knots I had been carrying around forever. I will continue to go to her frequently so that I can achieve complete relief and reclaim the joy of a fully functioning body."
L'Barb Payette
March 2012

"I have been going to Suzan for years. I am very particular about my massages and she is truly the best. She is knowledgeable about the body and is very professional. My body feels great after leaving her office. Once you get a massage from her, you will forever be a loyal customer like me. "
Thao Chounlamany
June 2012


Suzan is extremely professional and a truly gifted healer! Seven days a week, she has always been available when needed. Both my wife and I are her clients, and we couldn't be happier with the service we've received!"
Russell Pencek
November 2012


"Until Suzan, I have been disappointed with all the therapists I tried in Texas. I moved here from Arizona and had an excellent massage therapist. Suzan is very professional and has the knowledge and experience I was looking for in a massage therapist. Her deep tissue massages are the best! She gets you in quickly and follows up with you after your appointment. I would definitely recommend her for any massage you need."
Roselynn Gray
April 2013


"Suzan was very quick in her response and flexible with her schedule in order to accommodate us! My mother found great relief in her back pain after the therapy! Thorough professional!"
Minu A.
August 2013


"Suzan has been extremely helpful when I was desperate looking for help with my neck and back problems. After trying so many therapists and different methods, I finally found the best and more caring person in the DFW area! She is very knowledgeable in what her expertise is and very professional! I highly recommend her - you will be very grateful!"
Adriana Medina
August 2013


"Suzan Walker, LMT is amazing. She has a wonderful client rapport and made me feel at ease for our first session. She has excellent knowledge of the body and how to help you feel better. I highly recommend her. Look no further!!"
Jason Bernal

Post Lypo Client
November 2013

"I have been getting massages at least once a month for the past 10 years. I have received massages from all over California, Las Vegas, Texas, The Bahamas and Costa Rica. Suzan is the BEST massage therapist I have ever come across. She is very professional as well as very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Suzan for any massage service you are looking for!"
Dawn Willey
January 2014


"Suzan is very professional and knowledgeable. She asked good questions and listened to my issues and concerns then designed a massage to provide results. Her office and treatment area are very clean and nice."
Debra Moore
March 2014

"Suzan is obviously a natural healer. Her warm hands will take your body from wherever it is to wherever it needs to be. Excellent manual lymphatic drainage skills!"
Jennifer Boucher
July 2014


"So far I've had one appointment with Suzan. I will definitely be going back. She is very knowledgeable and listens to you to figure out exactly what your particular needs are."
Amy Duval
July 2014


"She really takes the time to find out what ails you and is amazing at what she does!"
Oakie Wester
July 2014

"Suzan is incredibly knowledgeable about the body. You can tell she takes pride in her job and knowing the most up to date information. Awesome experience!"

Lindsey W.

Prenatal Massage


"This was my first visit with Suzan, my massage was amazing! Suzan was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her."

Kevin M. 


"Very experienced and through. Spotted issues I was not even aware of. Major problem area feeling much better."

Dennis Levin 


"Very professional, nice office/atmosphere. I highly recommend Suzy. I didn't want to get up when she was done working her magic. I will definitely be back as well as recommend her to everyone. "

Devin Rymer


"Susan's skills are amazing; everything she did during my session she explained how it & why it would help improve my current condition. Even after the initial treatment I noticed an improvement. I booked another session immediately. She is professional & personable making you feel very comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. I highly recommend Susan Walker for your Message Thearpy needs."

Charlene Roberts


"She's an amazing healer!"

Russell Pencke


"Very informative and friendly."

Brooke A.

Fertility Massage


"I scheduled an appointment with Suzan hoping to remedy my back pain. I had never had a deep tissue massage before, so I didn't know what to expect. I met Suzan and told her briefly about my back and neck pain, and she pointed out aspects of my posture which were causing strain in my back, I could tell from the initial meet and greet that she was truly knowledgeable in her profession. The room and massage table were very comfortable, the massage was relaxing and felt great from start to finish. She gave me instructions for how to best maintain the benefits of the massage between visits (I will definitely be going back to her for massages regularly) and MOST importantly, a LOT of my back pain went away! During the massage, I could feel and hear my back muscles go "back to normal", almost as if she was untying knots in my back. My most severe pain in my neck has been MUCH less painful since the visit, and is the only pain that still remains after the massage. Overall, it has been about a week since my massage, I still feel much less pain in my back, which is much more than I expected. If you have pain in your back, and are wondering if a massage can help your pain, do yourself a favor and book an appointment as soon as you can with Suzan. Here's a tip: add gratuity when the time comes to pay for your visit ;) Thank you so much, Suzan!"

Collin C.


"Suzan Walker LMT, is wonderful. She is very caring and will help with you get your body back in tip-top performance. She will take the time to get to know you and find out your problem areas. After my healing massage with Susan I feel great. My search for a Massage Specialist is over. I will forever be a loyal customer. Thanks Susan!"

Rain-Christie M.

Fertility Massage


"She knew were my problem areas were by looking and focused on them. I was very impressed and will be back. "

Amber F.


"Warm pleasant environment. Suzan is very professional, and an expert at what she does. A very kind, and gentle soul. "

Janette Jordan


"I like that you explained what you were doing, why and the effect on my back and arm. "

Linda B.


"Suzan gives the best massages I have ever experienced anywhere. The massage seems different each time I go to Suzan. Suzan has the uncanny ability to change up the massage to what my body needs that day. I come in frazzle, leave unfrazzled and 3 inches taller."

Elizabeth Daniels


"Within the first few minutes of my massage I could tell that Suzan was a real professional. I will be returning for all of my future massage needs."

Denise Manestar

Post Lypo


"Susan is extremely professional, is very educated in how the body and muscles work and what is needed to relieve aches and pains. She is kind and listens and makes you feel comfortable. She is the best at her profession in my opinion. I highly recommend you give her a try and am confident you will find her excellent also. "

Kathy Lowes 


"She's an amazing healer! She takes the time to find out what you need, and to ensure your comfortable through out the entire session!

R. P.



"Very professional and knowing what she does."

Gloria M. 


"Suzan has been performing massage technique on me for 7 years. I have many medical issues including: diabetes, fibromyalgia, disc degeneration and bulging discs the lumbar and cervical areas. Suzan is very knowledgeable and has certifications to prove that. She is an asset to anyone who has the pleasure of allowing her the time to use her abilities. I am a registered nurse for 20+ years and I believe she is a benefit to the medical community. She is not only knowledgable but professional, compassionate, competent, and dependable. I highly recommend her to all her read this. "

Tricia Reynolds 


"Suzan was great! She listened as I described the issues I am experiencing, asked probing questions for more details, explained her process and her recommendations to me, and was attentive to what my body was telling her. I feel so much better today and am looking forward to seeing her again. I have already recommended her to several people at work - and I recommend her to you too!"

Natalie R.


"Suzan was very knowledgeable and caring. Her office has a great atmosphere that immediately places you in a state of peace and her massage techniques are amazing. I will definitely book another massage and have told friends about her as well!"

Courtney Givens

Fertility Massage


"Susan is knowledgeable in post op massages. I am thrilled to have found someone I can trust with my medical needs after surgery. I have found much relief from her techniques and can't wait to come again. Thank you! "

Julie C.

Post Op



"Helped with every point in my body that was hurting! Will return next week"

Linda P.


"This was my first visit. I feel so much better today! Sore in some areas, as expected. Emotionally, I feel a weight has been lifted. My mind is much more clear today. Thank you Suzan! You're amazing!"

Bev T.



"Suzan is incredibly knowledgeable about the body. You can tell she takes pride in her job and knowing the most up to date information. Awesome experience!"

Lindsey W



"Suzy gets it done. I always know that when I leave, I feel relieved."

Marsha Gross


"I have been searching for a certified Lymphatic Drainage massage therapist as a Breast Cancer survivor. So happy to have found her. Great work!"

Terri S.


Returning Client 60 min Deep Tissue-Office Visit

"She really takes the time to find out what ails you and is amazing at what she does!"

Oakie Wester


"Suzan is obviously a natural healer. Her warm hands will take your body from wherever it is to wherever it needs to be. Excellent manual lymphatic drainage skills!

Jennifer B. 


"Suzan has been my message therapist for close to 6 months now. I have fibromyalgia along with degenerative disk disease. My pain level was reduced significantly and I was able to eliminate the prescription that I was taking for the pain associated with Fibro. Cheers to Suzan for your knowledge, professionalism, and helping me achieve less pain and more freedom!"

Missy Hamill 


YELP Reviews


"Suzan came to my room at the comfort in suits dressed in scrubs, and what looked like a million dollar hair cut. You want your traveling masseuse to be well groomed, don't you? She was early for the appointment, super prepared and very good at her craft. She used a skin lotion with an aloe base. It not greasy and left me hydrated and dare I say, even a little glowy!  The whole experience was great. If she lived in LA I'd keep her busy, cause she really to took the knots out of my back and neck. Ahhhh."


January 2008

"This is my third time getting a message with Suzan. I had a knee replacement a few years ago and my lower back was giving me some problems because the replacement changed my hip aliment. She has been working to straighten out my hips and reactivate the quadriceps, and dealing with an old shoulder injury. I walk out feeling refreshed and stronger, ready to meet the day.

Suzan works with a several different massage techniques, to give you what you need for a great therapeutic message."
Allan M.
May 2015

Old Reviews

"I discovered Suzan over a year ago as a student interning for credit hours. Her knowledge and technique in that amount of time has gone from great to fantastic. She instinctively knows which modality you need and what intensity to implement. She is professional, punctual, and extremely courteous. You will leave her table feeling relaxed, refreshed and re-energized. I wouldn't dream of someone else working on me."
December 2008


"Thank you for a wonderful session! One of the best by far that I have ever had. You do have a gift and I will be back again. It was a pleasurable experience. By the way I loved the aromatherapy that was incorporated into the session. I will be back."
Kira A.
January 2009

Merchant Circle


"I just had a Hot Stone Massage from Suzan (my first) and it was wonderfully relaxing - that and her healing hands relieved the aches from arthritis, especially in my shoulder. Suzan has a gift of healing and can pinpoint and relieve pain and inflammation in your body. She gets that energy moving! She is very informed, educated and can help your every massage need. I highly recommend her services."
Caroll McCarthy
March 2011

Merchant Circle

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