November 9, 2013

“Why do I have a headache or migraine after a massage?”

There could be several or more factors as to why some people get a “headache” after a massage session.

1. A Healing crisis – the system is attempting to pass too much metabolic waste too quickly from the body.
2. La...

September 27, 2013

If you are new to massage or have had a similar experience, this information is for you.

What is a healing crisis?

“Herxheimer Reaction,” aka healing crisis is a medical condition that can occur when ones chooses a path of healing. A healing crisis occurs when cells rele...

April 5, 2013

One of my favorite scents in the whole wide world is frankincense. For years I’ve used it primarily for incense to cleanse my spaces whether it be at home or at the office. I also add a bit of sandalwood to the mix as well as myrrh.

Tonight, I began to feel another migr...

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November 26, 2013

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November 26, 2013

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